No Hunger, No Problems

Day 2 of 31 of month of meat (protein-fat). I’ve been keto a long time, so no problems other than remembering to toss out or cook up and freeze things I won’t be eating in July.

Feeling great, no hunger after my meal. I did my 1m walk and heavy weights at the gym, which always makes me much more hungry than usual, but after my meal, no more hunger.

Food today: 2 Fat decaf coffees (1T butter & 1 tsp MCT oil blended); 4 strips bacon; 1c pork rinds with sausage & cheese dip (mixed 2-3oz pork breakfast sausage with 1/4c full fat yogurt, & feta; 1c shrimp scampi; 6oz filet mignon; 1/4c aged cheddar & 1oz brie, 2 fat bombs.

The Journey Begins

Today commences with Day 1 of 31 for July of month of meat (protein-fat) only, meat is a convenient shorthand—no perfectionism here (NPH).

I had my fat coffee (NPH!) (decaf, 1T kerrygold butter, 1tsp mct oil well blended), and should I get hungry, I’ll first go to a cup of green mint tea (NPH!), and another fat coffee. Like I said, no perfectionism here; I know full well that tea and coffee are derived from plants, but those are my only exceptions.  These are healthy beverages that can make life easier both socially and on a somewhat restricted diet.

I’m committed to writing every day to show my progress in health and any weight gain or loss.  Looking forward to seeing how the month goes.

Food today: 1/2can oysters in olive oil, 1oz liver pate, 6oz tenderloin,1oz triple creme brie. Couldn’t hold another bite.

Keto is the Best

I’m getting ready for my MOMO, month of meat (protein-fat) only, and decided to use up a few things so I made walnut fudge bombs with Guittard baking chocolate, whipped cream cheese, peanut butter, butter, a few drops of Now brand stevia extract, tossed in a hand full of walnut pieces, poured into a small rectangular glass pan, and voile, a twelve delicious healthy fat-bites I can enjoy for breakfast (later wrecks my sleep), and my husband loves these, too.

Note: In general I avoid sweet taste and “treats” for they can quickly cause me to stall, but for a once a month sort of thing, always making small batches, it’s doable.



1/2c peanut butter (or almond butter)

1/3c cream cheese

3 Tbs salted butter

1 oz dark baking chocolate

2 Tbs cocoa/cacao powder

stevia or Swerve to taste

1 tsp vanilla extract

a dash of salt

Opt: a dash of cayenne pepper for a little zing

1/3-1/2 cup (@1oz) walnut pieces (or pecans, macadamias, brazils)

Melt chocolate butters and cream cheese on medium heat in a small sauce pan, add in cocoa powder,  stir well, even vigorously as everything gets incorporated; then add remaining ingredients—nuts last thing.

Pour into your favored pan/dish. My little 4×7 inch glass dish worked well. Refrigerate.

Ground Zero for MOMO

For those not in the very low carb, keto, zero carb, and carnivory clan, know that MOMO stands for “month of meat only”; meat for me meaning protein-fat whole foods. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, game, fish, shellfish, et al.  I will also liberally consume broths made from what I can’t eat of these meals which provides additional nourishing collagen which is supposed to be good for human bones as well.

I have been pretty strictly keto since January 2018, but my weight has stayed around the same which is not a bad thing considering I enjoyed lots of delicious foods that have kept me in ketosis most of the time, with my blood glucose in a very good range.

Of course I expect to lose some weight, really hope I do, but it’s not the most important consideration. My ketones should be operating in peak form which, based on all I’ve read, means a cleanse almost as good as a water-only fast. I did a week long fast in May, and dropped about a pound a day, and kept off four pounds of fat.

I did a clean out of my refrigerators bottom freezer, and my small chest freezer, threw out old stuff, and catalogued the contents, without which I forget what’s at the bottom. I have more than enough protein-fat foods to last at least a couple months. I posted my lists so I can check off as I remove contents, and that reduces waste. One of the things I like best about keto or protein eating is not having the waste I always had with veggies that went bad before they could get used up. I really hate waste, but it was inevitable that far too much food went slimy and smelly to the garbage can. I still can enjoy a BLT salad, but not missing vegetables in general; a little lettuce, tomato, spinach has been the norm on keto, but for this month, no vegetable matter whatsoever.

I all for these N=1 self experiments, so we shall see how this one works out.

Continuing to learn……